Dornbirn plus Feldkirch Hohenems Bregenzerwald

We are the bid office for the European Capital of Culture 2024, Dornbirn plus

We are the organizers of the joint bidding process of the cities of Dornbirn, Feldkirch, Hohenems and the Bregenzerwald. We are where visions and perspectives for the future of the region are bundled and focussed. Following a rotation system created by the EU, 2024 once again marks Austria’s turn to host a European Capital of Culture. Since January we have been on the shortlist to become Capital of Culture alongside competing cities St. Pölten and Bad Ischl with the Salzkammergut region. With our eyes on the prize, we are preparing to hand in our final bid on October 13, 2019. In November 2019, an independent, 12-person international jury will decide who wins the title. #werockit!

The title of our bid is Outburst of Courage.

In open discussion groups and dialogue groups, talks and workshops with people from all over the region, as well as through our STARTprojects, we found out that we and Europe need more COURAGE. The courage to cross boundaries; the courage to include society and all its communities; the courage to openly address grievances and blind spots; the courage to question certain mindsets and the courage to actively shape how we live together. With and through art.

Together on the path to European Capital of Culture 2024 – our motto and our daily motivation.