by Dominik Nostitz, verein08

If you cannot come to the Laden, the Laden comes home to you! The Laden is a place for connectivity, solidarity and appreciation that wants to show our common situation of being at the mercy of something, of irritation, but also of initiation. Every Thursday night, at (middle European) prime time, with lots of talks, music, singing, cooking or sewing!

Laden Stream #6 on 23 April at 8:15 pm with:

Magdalena Grabher! She planned to celebrate her album release party in the verein08 this Thursday. Instead we will have her online from the Ländle J with a couple of new songs, maybe also older ones,… only she will know by now if at all… and some views on the current mode of live on the Live Stream.

Brian Lopez! He is one of the iconic voices and protagonists within the powerful Tucson – Arizona Music Scene. Alongside Calexico or Giant Sand. Often he tours with Giant Sand through Europe. His remarkable voice and way to perform guides you into a variety of spheres. The great desert, the metropoles, the rooms. A virtual room will be our ticket into his living room in Tucson. To reach out, listen and chat. I do pray for rain…

Tahereh Nourani! A versatile musician, always looking for and finding new musical paths with her album AKHSHIGAN, last year released by Label08. AKHSHIGAN is a storyteller, singing tales of her search for the Goddesses within. An old child, playing, experimenting, discovering. Her voice is unconventional, minimal, organic. Akhshigan is a traveler, dancing in circles, seeking depth in repetition. A vagabond, yearning for the ecstasy of tuning in with her inner groove.

Thank you Dornbirn plus for #weact and letting us being part of it! Stay tuned!

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